Check powered hang glider flight off your summer bucket list

Check Something Great Off Your Summer Bucket List!

It’s Time to Check Something Off Your Summer Bucket List!

Have you ever thought about navigating the skies from your own aircraft? Wondered what a powered hang glider is? Or wanted to get a little closer to the beautiful skyline above the beaches of Gulf Shores? Then maybe you are ready to check something off your summer bucket list?! We’ve got the answer for you!


Powered Hang Gliders

Check powered hang glider flight off your summer bucket listAlso often referred to as Trikes, powered hang gliders are a professionally designed and manufactured aircraft that looks strikingly similar to a hang glider with an engine. These fun aircraft, are arguably the safest, most proven design in the world, and they are available for lessons and flying right off the beaches of Gulf Shores. Our local provider is Beach Flight Aviation  and offers an experience you will never forget!

You will fly over Alabama’s beautiful coastline along the Gulf Shores and Ft. Morgan peninsula . After you take your first introductory lesson you will move into the pilot seat.  You will be flying with a FAA certified instructor as he guides you on how to maneuver the trike with ease so you can have the most unforgettable experience. A camera is mounted on the wing of the trike to make sure to capture your incredible moments of flying a powered hang glider!

So when you are planning your trip to visit the Gulf Shores area, we highly encourage you to strap on your adventure gear and knock another great summer bucket list item off your “To Do” List… Try flying!