17th Annual Fall Bird Banding Session 2011 : Alabama Gulf Coast

Fall Bird Banding Session 2011 : Alabama Gulf Coast

When: Oct 8 – 20, 2011
Where: Fort Morgan-Gulf Shores, Alabama Dates & Times: Oct 8, 2011 – Oct 20, 2011
Location: Fort Morgan Historic Site, Gulf Shores Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores, AL

Description:  Bird banding beginning before dawn each day. Free and open to the public. There is a fee for entry onto the Fort. The banding normally ends each day between 3:00 and 5:00 PM. The Alabama Gulf Coast is a critical stopover point as migratory birds return from Central and South America. Banding hours are from before dawn to mid-afternoon, depending on the flow of birds. Bring a lawn chair, binoculars and inquisitive mind but leave the pets at home. Admission:

Admission to Fort: $5:00 adults, $3:00 children 6-12, free to younger children. Banding is FREE.

Phone: 1-800-745-SAND
Website: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org